How to Fix Hail Damage to Your Car?

Hail Damage Repair

If you have hail damage to your car, there are some things you should do immediately:

  1. First, you should take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repairs.
  2. Your comprehensive insurance policy should cover the cost of the trip. You can contact Jerry to find out if you have this type of coverage. If not, he can help you add it.
  3. You should try to avoid getting hit by a second hailstorm.

Paintless dent repair is not an effective dent repair method

When your car is damaged by hail, you’re likely wondering if you should seek paintless dent repair. While it may be tempting to try this method yourself, it’s best to seek the services of a professional body shop. Paintless dent repair works by removing dents without removing any paint. The process is highly accurate and does not damage the color of your car.

Although PDR is a highly effective way to fix hail-damaged cars, it’s not efficient to fix dents caused by natural causes. Hail damage is considered an “act of God,” so your insurance should cover the cost of repairs. It’s best to get a repair estimate from more than one auto body shop before making a final decision.

Hire a licensed and certified technician to fix hail damage

If your car has experienced hail damage, you need to get it repaired by a certified and licensed technician. While you can save some money and time by hiring an unlicensed technician to fix your car, you risk further damages and headaches. Not to mention, unlicensed technicians are not insured and bonded. 

A licensed and certified technician from hail damage repair Denver CO, will perform a professional hail damage repair using advanced technology. Paintless dent repair removes surface imperfections without repainting. Service King technicians use the latest technology and specialized tools to remove dents without repainting. They will also repair damaged finishes to prevent further damage. Hire a certified technician to fix hail damage to your car so you can get your vehicle back in pristine condition in no time.

Estimate the cost of repairs

As a result, you should get multiple estimates. While you can have a general idea of the cost, a personal estimate will be more accurate and cost-effective. You can also take pictures to help the repair company determine how much work is required. Although it is better to get an estimate in person, you may be able to make the forecast more accurate over the phone. Depending on the extent of the hail damage, you may also need to hire a paintless dent repair service. If you don’t have the money to pay for the repairs yourself, you can use your auto insurance company. However, if you don’t have an auto insurance policy, the repair service you choose may require you to pay in full for the repairs.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you should proceed to step four. Enter the number of dents and scratches on your car in step three. You can also enter the actual cost of paintless dent repair after step three. Be sure to add 25% to the repair cost if you use the glue-pull method. The cost of hail damage repairs may vary from $2,500 to $10,000. It is important to remember that if the repair is significant, your auto insurance should cover it, minus your deductible.

Avoid the second hailstorm

If you experience hail damage to your car in one storm, you should take precautionary measures to protect your belongings and your family. Stay indoors, close windows, and keep valuable objects out of the hail. Turn off your power and avoid sheltering under a tree, as it can attract lightning. While driving, adjust your speed and turn on low beams. Allow at least three times the distance to avoid a rear collision.

If you’re on a rural highway, pull your vehicle off the road and find a safe, sheltered spot. This may be a public parking garage or an isolated overpass. Once inside your car, stay in the vehicle and cover your head with a blanket or cloth. Use seat belts, as hailstones have a greater impact on moving objects, such as cars. Avoid driving in a second hailstorm, as the damage to your vehicle will be more extensive.

Cover your car during a hailstorm

Before a hailstorm hits, park your car in a garage or carport. You may also want to sign up for weather alerts to be aware of possible hazards. Hail damage can be devastating to your car, so you may want to avoid driving during a storm. Below are some tips on fixing hail damage to your car during a hailstorm.

Check the car thoroughly for any damage. Remove your car mats, and lift the hood to check underneath. If the hailstones are small, you can quickly repair the dents yourself with a $15 tool. In case you notice other damage, you should call a mechanic immediately. In most cases, hail damage to your car is not covered under insurance. But if the damage is extensive, you should contact a repair shop as soon as possible.

Where to Invest – Gold Mining Stocks

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Great Western Mining company operates in Nevada and has some good upside potential. If you’re not interested with investing your money directly in the price of gold, this could be an alternative option to ride the gold wave. While the price of gold may fluctuate, some well run companies can thrive through any of those price swings. Great Western Mining company is one worth considering.

Great Western Mining is generally considered a junior gold mining company and may be a slightly higher investment risk than a more established business. That said, this company also offers greater growth potential because they have the opportunity to improve their share price a great deal. If interested, you can visit their website and see a link to their latest share price information.

While visiting the website you will also see a lot of information about how the company is run and where they are headed. This company has a good team of people leading it down the right path to success. It is hard to ignore the potential of this company when you visit the website and it can be exciting to think about getting involved yourself.

If getting in on the early stages of a successful mining company sounds interesting this may be the company for you. Visit the site and view the investment presentations and other information to get a good understanding of how to get involved today.

Your Car and driving in the EU

The UK has been a popular destination for many years now, and as such its number plate laws have changed over time. In this blog post we’ll look into all that you wanted to know about what will happen when it leaves the EU in 2021!

The author has just informed us that we should be mindful of the car licence plate laws in green-listed countries.

In case you’re anticipating driving anyplace from Ibiza to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera then there is much more than an astonishing culture waiting for your arrival! In this situation it will help if one can observe Spanish law which means being over 18 with a UK license or passport plus having an engine protection endorsement card (if they have never had either before).

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

Yes. You’re driving permit is as yet legitimate inside of Europe, assuming that you’re from Great Britain and still just maintain a paper license instead of with photograph on it; then simply need to get updated or organize worldwide driver’s licenses which costs £5. 50-you can do this over the counter at the Post Office easily enough but may take a long time before getting them done because there are restrictions associated (only available for British citizens). You’ll also require IDP if planing drive any nation within 27 European union countries such as Iceland Norway Switzerland etc., since these areas will become part Germany once we leave.

What’s the deal with number plates and driving in Europe?

A lot of people around these parts have been getting this question, since we’ve got a tonne worth for you! You can’t just buy European-style number plates anymore – but if your car has an old UK one from before Brexit then it’ll work as long as YOU travel there too. If not… look out because they’re going to require extra GB stickers on every vehicle delivered after Britain left so that their system knows which country each belongs too (GB = British). This happened with Spain/Cyprus/Malta. Want to learn more? Why not visit national numbers blog post here.

Intrauterine-insemination with comfort and confidence

Infertility problems can be overcome in different ways thanks to the new technologies and medical methods. Intrauterine Insemination is one of the most successful and effective treatments which is provided by ADONIS clinics. 

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies ensure the high quality Infertility treatment Programs with additional services and support.

Intrauterine-insemination – oocyte fertilization procedure by artificial (using a catheter) introduction of mature and morphologically normal sperm cells of the partner/ donor. The effectiveness of the IUI procedure in ADONIS is really high, because we calculate the most proper time for fertilization during the ovulation to reach your long-awaited conception. 

ADONIS safety and control

For the duration of the treatment ADONIS staff is constantly controlling the state of the patients and procedure conducting. From the very beginning of the infertility treatment process, we develop the individual examination plan to reach the best results of the IUI procedure. 

After a gynecologist and a therapist examination, a woman must undergo tests for:

  • HIV, hepatitis B and C, RW
  • TORCH infections
  • Bacterioscopic examination
  • Cytological examination of smears
  • Hormone panel test 
  • Instrumental examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes
  • Microscopic examination of the endometrium

The final decision about the IUI procedure conducting is made on the basis of examination results and woman’s readiness for the Infertility Program.

The partner or sperm donor (whose biological material will be used in the Infertility Program) must undergo several examination sets:

  • Spermogram
  • Venous blood analysis for HIV, hepatitis B and C, RW
  • STDs analysis 

The whole range of important diagnoses is undertaken in ADONIS ‘own laboratory on the basis of the ADONIS clinic. The equipment of the European and American quality helps to get the best accurate results, when the laboratory staff conducts the most supportive service.

Quality donor base 

The variety of possible options in ADONIS clinics helps to provide medical assistance in different situations. There are several indications, when the use of donor sperm is required – total male infertility (complete absence of spermatozoa), rhesus conflict, etc. 

According to Ukrainian Law infertility treatment using donor material is allowed only under medical indications. Donations are anonymous in Ukraine.

ADONIS ‘own donor base provides the best quality biomaterial for the patients who are ready to participate in IUI Programs. 

Several stages of screening, diagnostic and clearance ensure your safety and confidence.

Intrauterine Insemination procedure steps

IUI procedure include several stages which are conducted by ADONIS skilled specialist: 

  • Sperm is injected by the embryologist into the uterine cavity, ensuring the successful overcoming of the physiological barrier in the cervix with the help of a flexible catheter.
  • After the sperm injection, the woman is resting on the gynecological chair for 15-20 minutes. After the required time has elapsed, the patient is transferred to the comfort room under the supervision of a doctor.
  • After 14 days, the patient is coming to the clinic to confirm the pregnancy.

ADONIS IUI Procedure is your proper, safe and proven way of overcoming infertility. Choose the best option for you and come to experience the best quality medical assistance with the outcome of successful conceiving.

Getting best Auto insurance deals

It is confusing especially to new car owners to select the car insurance deal and company to go for.  While choosing an auto insurance company, always pick the one that appreciates clients’ needs and strive to offers quality coverage. Use review sites such as UK Reviews Bird to view client’s reviews on the specific insurance company you wish to go for. Other factors include available discounts and the process of filing a claim. Always confirm that the info you offer is correct; this will always ensure that you get the best price to cover your needs. Factors that insurance companies use to estimate your quote include, your driving record, your age, and your credit score, among others. This article helps you find the best car insurance deals by offering insights on how to get the cheapest insurance rates possible as well as explores some of the best insurance companies .


How to get the cheapest insurance rates

1. Make no assumptions that one insurance company is the cheapest

Insurance companies usually invest heavily in advertisements to convince clients that they have the best deals. The truth, however, is that no single insurance company has the least prices. One may find a deal cheaper for them in a particular region. Yet, in another region, it might be expensive, factors such as location and regulation play a significant impact in determining insurance costs. One sure way you can get the least rates possible is through comparison of car insurance rates.

2. Pay your bills on time

One of the most important aspects as far as car insurance quotes are concerned is a person’s credit score. Ensure that you have a good credit score by paying your bills on time. This will reduce your debt as well as avoid bad credit listing. There are sites that you can check your credit score. Ensure you do regular checks.

3. For older cars avoid collision and comprehensive covers

Usually, collision coverage pays for damage repairs that your vehicle gets from objects such as a fence or another car. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage covers car theft and pays for car repairs from damages resulting from animal crashes, weather, fire, vandalism and floods. In both policies, however, the value of the car limits the maximum amount that can be paid. It thus doesn’t make sense to go for this coverage type if you have an old car as a low market value characterises old vehicles. Always look out for car companies reviews before buying your vehicle to ensure you get a car with a good market value

Best insurance companies.

1) LV= Car Insurance

Having existed since 2017, Liverpool Victoria is known for having quality policies and exemplary client service. Some of its policies include comprehensive insurance covering windscreens, windows, lost keys and sunroofs. New client, who buy their car insurance policy online are offered discounts and a lifetime of guaranteed repairs.

2) Aviva

Aviva car insurance provides a multi-car discount of up to 10%, but the discount doesn’t cover added extras. It nonetheless permits clients to insure up to five vehicles under a single policy and must have registered them under one address. The company has great experience in the industry, having existed for quite a long period and has served over 33 million clients. It has various car insurance covers including fire, third party, theft insurance and comprehensive insurance. With the comprehensive cover, one has their vehicle covered for cover loss, vehicle recovery, metal injury and legal costs.

3) Churchill insurance

This is one of the direct motor insurance companies in the UK founded in 1989. The company’s car insurance policy provides five year guaranteed repairs among Churchill-approved repairers and 24-hours emergency. Clients are also permitted to select money, upgrades or replacements when the car is written off. Young drivers can utilise this company’s cheap drive sure telematics which is intended to aid young drivers to lower their premiums and drive safely.

4) John Lewis Finance

John Lewis Finance has scored highly for client service and have been in the industry for 150 years. It is thus well versed with the car insurance market. Its car policy offers uninsured driver protection, misfueling, a 90- European cover, friendly expert service and travel cover. John Lewis Finance also permits clients to tweak their policies via optional extras such a car breakdown, legal protection and protected no claim discount.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, car insurance is an essential aspect that any car owner shouldn’t leave out. It can, nevertheless, be challenging to get the best deal, especially if you are new to the industry. With this article, you need not worry as you have tips as well as insurance companies’ reviews that you can always look out for best deals. Companies such as InsuretheGAP can also prove helpful.

Making the Best out of Car Repair Manuals

Car repair manuals in general have a lot to offer those who know how to use them. Those who own these manuals would attest to the fact just how valuable these little manuals that contain a wealth of information about the cars they own are to them. Car repair manuals do not just give owners an idea of how their cars work or function, they are also incredibly useful towards knowing or having a rough idea of what is more or less wrong with their cars and what needs to be fixed, or at least which are the problems that they are encountering requires to be looked at. As simple as this may seem, it actually saves car owners from being overcharged as these manuals will be able to save the owners of vehicles from running around not knowing what exactly or where the problem actually is. This saves not just a lot of time for the owners or mechanics trying to fix the issues presented to them, but they also more importantly save money.

Reduction of Maintenance Cost using Repair Manuals  

The reduction in maintenance costs come through these manuals due to the detailed information that these manuals contained the specific car models that they are associated with. For instance, general problems that certain make and models are prone to are often cited within these manuals and when these common problems arise, the owners or the mechanics contending with the issue would be able to quickly identify the problem and fix it before the damage or issue gets worse. Normally the highest cost factor that plagues car owners is the maintenance of the car after the first 3 or 4 years which adds up over the years. Mechanics especially benefit more from these car repair manuals due to the wealth of information contained in them which significantly reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot issues.

Downloading Car Repair Manuals 

There are a host of websites that offer car repair manuals for download, some are for free, and others charge a minimal fee that is negligible for the most part. However, it is important to note that not all of them offer the same level of quality as they are a cost incurred in relation to space, and a good quality repair manual could easily require a few megabytes of space. This is especially true for car repair manuals that contain images that are filled with visuals of components or sections along with step by step guidance on how to manage repairs on them. Due to this, it is important to obtain these manuals from sources that offer manuals that are complete and contain detailed visuals linked to step by step instructions on how to fix issues. Car repair manuals also serve as perfect guides for mechanics who are still under the learning curve and help them to avoid mistakes that sometimes incur unnecessary costs and reduce the margin. For those of you who do not have these manuals associated with your specific car model, it is advised that you obtain one as soon as possible.

How to Find Car Parts Dealers That Can Be Trusted?

Sometimes, getting the right car part dealers for your cars may pose a significant problem. This task appears as a problem when the car parts needed are not typical and easy to find. Hence, there is the need to find reliable car parts sellers who will make the task easy and can also be trusted to sell effective and long-lasting car parts. However, finding car part dealers that you can trust is as hard as finding the car parts yourself. You can see these steps to find reliable and trusted car parts dealers.


Ever heard of the statement, ‘Google is your friend. Embrace it!”? Right! That is so true, by the way. To find yourself car part dealers that will help solve the issues of acquiring the right car parts that match your car, you may have to google search. Google houses much essential information such as all kinds of car spare part companies, their prices, location as well as other necessary information. With this, you can decide whether you want to depend on these companies to get you the car parts needed.

Ask Around

Another essential and efficient way to get car parts dealers that can be trusted is to ask around. Ask friends and families who themselves had gone through the stress of looking for car parts. Who knows? They might have car part dealer friends somewhere.


Overemphasizing the numerous benefits of reviews is impossible. Reviews offer a lot of knowledge and help you apply caution where necessary. Hence, while getting yourself a trusted car part dealer, do not leave the critical area of reviews. They are lifesavers on their own. While reading reviews about the car part company, you will get to find out how reliable they are through their customers’ satisfactory comments. If they cannot be trusted too, the customers’ comments on the review page will give them out. It is also possible to get a first-hand impression and knowledge on the reliability of these car part companies based on how fast and effectively they reply to their customers’ concerns and reviews.

Get Enough Knowledge

Knowledge is power and very essential to anything humans do. This point comes from the place of acquiring experts’ advice on the situation of the car. Apart from knowing that you need to get new car parts or car part dealers. You need to know the exact problem with the car as well as the precise car parts to purchase. The need for this basic knowledge is to avoid the risk of being outsmarted during the transaction. Going into business with car part dealers without having an iota of knowledge about the situation of things may not be the best option. Hence, get yourself acquainted with the problem, ask mechanics or other automobile experts around you for the best car parts to purchase. The exciting thing is that these experts may be able to help you get car part dealers that are efficient and trustworthy.


If you want to sell your old cars, very unique service is available in the market. Companies are providing the best cash for old cars. They not only buy your useless, impaired and junk vehicles but also provide free of cost vehicle removal services. The method to have them at your doorstep is very simple. You need to call them to provide the details about your vehicle like make, model, year, condition as well as mileage. You can provide these details by submitting a form on their website too. They first evaluate the vehicle free of cost and offer a free quote. When you agree you have to give them go-ahead and their expert workers will reach your place equipped with high-quality tools. They take away your junk vehicle as fast as possible without wasting a minute.  They will pay you cash for old cars on the spot.

Sell Your Old Cars with a lot of Ease

There comes a hard time in your life when you have to make the decision to sell your old car. It is a very difficult thing to let go of your favorite car. But if the cost of its maintenance has increased and it is bothering you a lot, you should sell it. The main point is to sell the car for a good amount of money. Getting the services of car wreckers is the best option for this purpose. They take every kind of broken, damaged, old, and rusty vehicles. They are not concerned about any of these issues. If your car is not road-worthy even, they will buy it and give a good amount of money.

They follow the procedure professionally keeping in mind the safety of the clients. They will offer pickup, removal, and paperwork all free of charges. After removal, they take the broken and scrap vehicles to their wrecking yard and recycle the vehicles according to the Australian safety standards. The whole procedure is smooth and quick. All will be done in the same day.

Good Chance to Earn Cash

These companies provide a lot of comfort and feasibility to the clients. Once you contact them, they will complete the process with great responsibility from beginning till the end. You get a complete package with all the services. You will not have to wander to different places in order to get the whole activity done. One company will be enough if you choose the company with deep research. Because some auto wreckers might not live up to your expectations. They have complex and lengthy procedures with conditions. is a very good company that provides car wrecking services. Their procedure is short, and they pay a handsome amount of cash for all the sizes and types of vehicles. You can sell them old cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, Utes, and 4x4s also. They have a very cooperative customer service team. They guide with politeness and a smiling face. Contact them and get rid of your junk vehicles right away.

Subaru become the greatest discovery for me

I didn’t recognize an awful lot in any respect about this make, only some indistinct facts. But once I learned a bit about it, I figured that this make is certainly high-quality. And they’ve these days been gaining an increasing number of popularities. Then I went to US for a weekend and saw that there are as many Subaru’s (ordinarily Outback’s) on the street there as there are Honda Civics in Canada. Every other character owns it!

So, I explored the fashions a piece and figured that Forester and Outback are maximum appealing. Forester as a smaller and inexpensive alternative and Outback as a larger and greater steeply-priced. Imprecate was too small and a bit too much sporty — it is a performance automobile used for racing. Legacy, built on the same chassis as Outback and really similar as nicely become OK, but Outback definitely seems better car covers outdoor.

I took Forester on a check pressure — although it has older look, and is boxier, jeep-like, I liked it really higher than Outback. Actually, this evaluation is a bit like evaluating apples and oranges — both look very first-rate and are conceptually special in outside design. Perhaps I favored Forester a piece better precisely as it seems like a small SUV. It drives simply beautifully. It’s now not clearly an SUV, as its smaller and lower than, say CR-V, however it does sense like one due to the fact you sit higher above the street than, say, in a sedan. This gives you an outstanding visibility of the street in front of you. The space become true, but not too appropriate — particularly the shoulder and hip room is corresponding to even Corolla and Civic. So, car seats and a person can in shape inside the back, but it would not be too secure on an extended, hour%u2019s long ride. Other dimensions such as the trunk size are just quality.

An interesting little aspect feature of the Boxer engine (horizontally adversarial pistons): When you switch the ignition on, Forester “shakes” only a wee bit, just as if you have been sitting in a truck. This isn’t too substantive; however, it offers you a piece of a nice feeling of strength.

Security with Subaru vehicles is the one of the most powerful points. Their motors have instantly 5 on all tests (front effect, facet impact and rear impact). This isn’t unintentional — they have systematically evolved this exceptional. They’ve been regarded in the past to place a variety of effort in security, so much that even they admitted they did it resulting from the style. Thus, even the Forester that does not have the curtain airbags in any respect, protects rear passenger better than some automobiles which have the curtain airbags. However, I determined that lack of these airbags became too serious flaw for me — as I stated, my first priority turned into safety and I did now not want to compromise in that appreciate even a bit. Outback however has all 6 airbags, but it is also notably extra highly-priced.

Another safety feature as a consequence of the engine design, i.e. The Boxer style is that it has very low middle of gravity, lower than regular engines. For this motive, the chance of rollover with Forester is akin to a sedan, instead of any SUV. Subaru cars aren’t actual gas-savers. Specifications claim they spend 10.7L/100km. This is comprehensible; you may never get the gasoline financial system from the spec, specifically with cutting-edge car. However, as compared to Corolla’s 7.1 or Civic 7.8, it’s miles nearly 50% more.

I didn’t choose Subaru for a couple of motives, even though I turned into so close to buying one. Forester does no longer have curtain airbags, and new Forester version is planned for 2009. Outback isn’t always reasonably-priced — with taxes and PDI and the rest of the costs it comes up to $38,000. Buying Outback in US could fee me rather above $30,000. Forester might be quite under $30,000. So, I’d should pay precise cash, and would not be happy with either lack of airbags or no longer the excellent fuel economy. But I think my next automobile would possibly without difficulty be a Subaru.


No want to mention it’s a terrific make, and certainly one of my private favorites. However, affordable or close to lower priced Volvo’s (including S40, V50) are small, and larger ones (S70, XCIX) are expensive. If it wasn’t for the price, I assume I wouldn’t even examine it — I’d just go and purchase it.


I know VW changed into usually an amazing automobile — when I changed into a kid 1/2 of my place of origin was riding VW. I realize capabilities of Golf models from Golf I to Golf IV. And I drove it a piece too. But my predominant interest in VW become that I was searching out a diesel car. I changed into dissatisfied to find that VW dealers in Canada do no longer sell masses of diesel fashions. There is TDI (here and now it way Jetty TDI) — that is it.

Then I additionally determined that City Golf and City Jetty are amazingly low-cost — they may be cheaper than Civic and Corolla. And they’re accurate motors! I almost determined to move for one of them!!

But Golf is small for a Canadian family, especially, the trunk is too slender — I cannot even positioned the kid’s stroller in instantly, however have to incline it a chunk. I commenced questioning how did the half of my place of origin enhance children with a Golf? (And the opposite half of the metropolis drove smaller motors.) But those had been specific times…

City Jetta is higher in that respect, however not too much. It is an old Jetty version, first designed numerous years in the past. It’s nonetheless the same with all of the small enhancements made over time, but nothing fundamental.

Major remodel of Jetty went into the Jetty model (without “City”) this is a few 8 grands more costly and appears more like a Pass sat (virtually a lot in order that on the street I have problem telling Jetty from Pastas). Jetty is an excellent car, has notable protection functions, masses of space (very, very secure internal). And there’s diesel (TDI) alternative.

Can telematics data really help to reduce accidents for businesses?

Telematics data provides accurate information on the way that a vehicle is driven. It’s been said that accidents are predominantly caused by driver error. However, sometimes a collision could be down to vehicle malfunction instead.

Telematics data

Telematics can help to provide diagnostic data back to the central system via the car’s onboard computer. Fleet Managers can use the data to detect early when a vehicle needs to be serviced and can ensure their fleet is healthy. Therefore, reducing the possibility of an accident caused by electrical or mechanical faults.

Providing new ways to train and manage employees

Collecting data is all well and good, but Managers need to be more informed using the data they collect regarding driver behavior. Some companies even introduce scorecards to help manage drivers who are displaying behaviors that could cause an accident.

This can also allow drivers, not just to be penalized for errors, but also be rewarded for safer driving. By managing behaviors properly, it could lead to fewer accidents on the road. Plus, provide a better working environment through a culture of caring about driver safety and welfare.

The impact doesn’t just take effect when they get back to the company but also on the roads too. Telematics uses the diagnostics in the vehicle to display warning lights if an employee is about to take on a high-risk maneuver. By notifying the driver, they can adopt a different strategy there and then rather than be informed at a later date.

Making things clearer for companies

With the use of telematic data, companies can have a clearer view of how to train and monitor performance. Data over time can be analyzed to highlight patterns of unsafe driver behavior.

For example, harsh braking could indicate a tired and overworked driver but could also mean someone is using a phone whilst driving or getting distracted. Patterns can then be addressed and used as examples in training for employees to create safer ways of driving.

Seat belt usage and speed limits are also recorded. As well as whether red lights are run. All of which can be used to monitor and manage behavior and then conduct appropriate training to prevent further accidents.

A company that can show good training schemes often hire employees of a higher caliber. It also increases the feeling of being valued by the company which can help retain workers and provide better solutions for road safety.

Enhance your business reputation

Sharing data with your customers about how you monitor safety can actually increase business and enhance reputation. It shows customers you’re committed to providing a quality and professional service and that you care about road safety.

The data can also be used to provide customers with updates on when to expect a driver to arrive. Adding to customer service and increasing the value of your offering. As a result, it could provide a competitive edge and be used to drive new business.

Deliver on time

Telematics data utilizes GPS systems to detect the location of a vehicle. This can be used also to help fleets monitor traffic and avoid congested routes. A large number of accidents often occur during busier periods so by recording traffic you can find less congested routes that pose less risk whilst also improving efficiency and timeliness.

The impact of reduced accidents

Telematics enhances the safety of your fleet drivers and helps to build a better workplace for customers, employees and their managers. With a reduction in accidents, fleet companies can also save huge amounts in the maintenance and repairs of their fleet.

What’s more, insurance companies can be provided with insight into accident rates and driver behavior which could lead to saving on insurance premiums for the company. Along with the reduction of any claims made.

It often costs a lot more to get a vehicle repaired when there are major damages. By using the information recorded on vehicle diagnostics, vehicles can catch issues before they become a huge problem. Therefore, saving substantial costs on vehicle maintenance and repairs.

You will have peace of mind that your fleet drivers are safer on the roads, but furthermore, you can reduce costs lost to production disruptions. If drivers are safer, have well-maintained vehicles and choose better routes productivity can increase and savings can be made for the company.

The future of telematics data for fleets

Telematics data has been used in the automotive industry for a while now. But it’s interesting to see where the technology might be headed.

Experts anticipate a wider increase in the use of this type of data amongst the fleet industry. In particular, a continued emphasis on safety. More informed solutions can be found to try and reduce accidents even further on the roads.

Real-time data recorded by the fleet industry can be used to increase safety on the roads and also to find more economical ways of working. This may include considering autonomous vehicles or vehicle sharing when drivers have similar routes.

Ample amounts of data could be made available to companies. But it’s important that it remains organized and doesn’t bombard companies with too much muddled information. By the time we reach 2020, it’s suggested that connected vehicles will be much more common place.

With more data available it could transform the way the industry works. The introduction of electric cars and telematics being used to track CO2 emissions on vehicles proves the future of the use of this data could really push the industry forward.

Further opportunities could appear to not only reduce accidents but provide better services and solutions for the fleet industry. With a continued focus on organizing and analyzing data, fleet decision makers could really drive strategies for enhanced efficiency and safer driving.

It seems telematics data could really be developed into a powerful tool that can help not just the fleet industry but the entire future of the automotive industry.