Get a Discount When Buying a Car

Chances are, when you use the proper negotiation technique, you are more likely to get a discount. Buying a car is unlike bargaining for a better price at the wet market. The following points might save you some ka-ching!

1) Start negotiating from the very start. Try to get a discount from the first time you enquiry about the car. If the seller/dealer asks for S$55,000, ask if the best price can be S$53,000.
2) Negotiate on the total price. Dealers always like to add in some “hidden costs” on top of the asking price. Ask for a total price inclusive of all “hidden costs” and use it during your negotiation.
3) Make a lower offer. If they are asking for S$55,000, offer S$52,000. If the salesperson believes you are sincere about buying the car, he will reduce the price. You might get the car for around S$52,800 if you are lucky.
4) Nothing works better than a little competition. Let’s say you have two cars on your list that you are interested in. Make sure both sellers/dealers are aware of your options. Better still, tell them you will buy the car from whoever offers you a better price. For example, if one of the them offers you a S$1000 discount, call the other seller/dealer and ask if he can match it.
Don’t put yourself on the chopping board. It is important to learn the technique of negotiations.

These four steps should be taken into consideration when asking for a lower price.

Negotiation is an art. It takes determination, patience, and should include some ‘silent’ time – a pause, to allow the seller/dealer to think about the amount he wants to sell the car for.

You may find yourself in a more favourable predicament if you take the risk to negotiate, especially if you use our four tips in tandem. However, if the seller/dealer is set on his original price, you may have to back off. Perhaps, you may want to approach him a week later. Do note that the car will not always be there though. Another buyer might beat you to it. Hence, if you have set your eyes on a particular car, get it before it is too late