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Having an Understanding of Nucleic Acid Extractor

The nucleic acid extractor has a design as a product of high technology for the extraction of the nucleic acid by the use of the method of beads that are magnetic. A nucleic acid extractor is characterized as automation of a high degree, the speed of extraction is fast, the results are also stable, and it is easy for people to operate. By a person using a deep well plate, it is in a position of extracting a number of samples in a way that is simultaneous.
The nucleic acid extractor most of the times comes in forms that are automated, takes advantage of the rods that are magnetic which are located on the rod frame that is magnetic that is in charge of transferring the beads that are magnetic that absorbs the acid that is nucleic from a well to another, then through the movement of rods that are magnetic and sleeves that are mixed, the instrument in a way that is quick and repeatedly stirs the liquid. The liquid is then mixed in a way that is even where the mixing of beads that are magnetic and the liquid takes place. Through the lysis cell, the adsorption of nucleic acid, the process of elution, and washing, the instrument will finish the extraction of acids that are nucleic and get nucleic acids that are highly purified.
The nucleic acid extractor has a panel for touching. The tool is equipped with a screen, that is able to operate in a way that is independent and it is also able to monitor the running status in real-time. The instrument can also be attached with a screen on the basis of Android OS, which is able to control in a way that is remote the instrument running through an internet network.
The control is precision in that it has an engineering computer that is built-in that assists in endowing the capability of the system to operate in a way that is independent without the need of a computer. Offering stability that is high with a system of automatic control and leading to saving more space and energy at the same time. The benefit of the nucleic acid extractor is that the controlling of temperature is user-defined. The user in a way that is easy can make definitions of the temperature for lysis together with elution without the help of another person.
The programming used in the nucleic acid extractor is user-defined in that the programming functions in a way that is powerful for a program edition that is more efficient and flexible making it able to meet all the various requirements of reagents. This additionally makes it able to have a high efficiency of extraction because a person is in a position of truly realizing hoe the extraction is highly efficient. A nucleic acid extractor offers reliability and stability taking into consideration that the operating system that is automated is able to avoid the deviations and also errors that are brought about by operations that are manual.

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