Read More on Buying Cheaper Game Tickets

Baseball season has started, and the NFL kicks off again in September. While fans are undoubtedly excited to get back into their seats, attending a game can come with a high price tag. This isn’t good news for budget-conscious sports fans, but they can Read more here on how to save on game tickets.

Join the Club

When sports fans join their team’s fan club, they’ll be some of the first to hear about discounts and ticket offers. While some teams charge a fee for fan club membership, it can pay off for those who attend multiple games per season.

Look for a Presale Password

Companies that offer sports team sponsorships may offer presale passwords that allow buyers to get tickets before they are sold to the general public. Sometimes, these passwords are also good for significant discounts. Start the search for cheap tickets by looking for a presale password online.

Look at the Secondary Ticket Market

Agents and season ticket holders who can’t make it to every game often resell tickets on various websites. In many cases, tickets are sold for less than face value because a seller just wants to turn them over quickly.

Use the Scalping-Free Zone

Instead of allowing fans to purchase tickets from unscrupulous sellers, some sports venues have a dedicated “scalping-free zone” where ticket sales are monitored. Here, tickets can’t be sold for more than face value, and team personnel will check them for authenticity before a sale takes place.

Make a Weeknight Plan

Most sporting events take place on weekends, but some happen during the week. Going to a weeknight football or baseball game can help fans save money because these tickets are seen as less desirable.

Get a Single Ticket

Most people see games as social events, so single tickets are less popular. Singles are cheaper on a per-ticket basis, as there are fewer people who want to sit alone. If attending with a friend, look for seats next to or close to one another.

Going to sporting events is fun, especially for those who’ve never gone to a game before. However, high ticket prices can take some of the fun out of it. With the tips listed here, fans of all teams can save on tickets and have more money for refreshments and souvenirs.