Your Car and driving in the EU

The UK has been a popular destination for many years now, and as such its number plate laws have changed over time. In this blog post we’ll look into all that you wanted to know about what will happen when it leaves the EU in 2021!

The author has just informed us that we should be mindful of the car licence plate laws in green-listed countries.

In case you’re anticipating driving anyplace from Ibiza to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera then there is much more than an astonishing culture waiting for your arrival! In this situation it will help if one can observe Spanish law which means being over 18 with a UK license or passport plus having an engine protection endorsement card (if they have never had either before).

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

Yes. You’re driving permit is as yet legitimate inside of Europe, assuming that you’re from Great Britain and still just maintain a paper license instead of with photograph on it; then simply need to get updated or organize worldwide driver’s licenses which costs £5. 50-you can do this over the counter at the Post Office easily enough but may take a long time before getting them done because there are restrictions associated (only available for British citizens). You’ll also require IDP if planing drive any nation within 27 European union countries such as Iceland Norway Switzerland etc., since these areas will become part Germany once we leave.

What’s the deal with number plates and driving in Europe?

A lot of people around these parts have been getting this question, since we’ve got a tonne worth for you! You can’t just buy European-style number plates anymore – but if your car has an old UK one from before Brexit then it’ll work as long as YOU travel there too. If not… look out because they’re going to require extra GB stickers on every vehicle delivered after Britain left so that their system knows which country each belongs too (GB = British). This happened with Spain/Cyprus/Malta. Want to learn more? Why not visit national numbers blog post here.